Divan Labuschagne Hunting Safa...
Divan Labuschagne
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DL- Safaris conduct hunts in Namibia and Botswana.

"Beeing a young company leader couple, is not allways easy. You have to earn your name and respect. Hunting has reached a new era. It´s not just a hobby anymore.To be a hunter is beeing a conservationist. And that you have to be with your heart and with passion. Ethical is something you have to live. We want to share our work and our way of conservation with our hunters. And we promisse you, you will leave Africa with a different view and a bigger heart."- Divan & Julia Labuschagne




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Hunting Safaris in the east of Namibia, to Botswana.

Namibia offeres you a large free range area. Kudus average 50-55 Inch, an incredible Kudu of 58 Inch  taken by Magnus Pelz from Germany in 2016. Beautiful Oryx- Gemsbock, average 38-39 Inch you will find in our area. An 41 Inch Oryx Bull was taken by Joey Trockmorton in 2016.

Botswana offers 60 000 ha at Bokamoso Safari area, bordering the Botswana Central Game Reserve. Wild lion, elephant, leopard and chetah can be almost view daily. Trophy quality is world class. 63 Inch Kudus were taken with Bokamoso.

Mainly you will walk and stalk with your PH Divan Labuschagne.  Only mature male animals to be hunted with DL-Safaris.

Divan Labuschagne Hunting Safa...
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